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5 stars

Eagle River, Alaska



When my family and I first moved into our home, the air felt musky/ dense/ allergy triggers were through the roof! After cleaning the air ducts and changing the furnace filter we thought that would suffice...unfortunately, that was not enough. We bought...

William H

5 stars

Georgetown, Texas


Molekule Air Pro great improvement over Air

I have had Molekule Air for a long time. I wanted to expand protection to our bedroom, and ability to temporarily relocate on upper floor to assist the other. My son was sneezing, he said it was probably the cat. I relocated the Air turned to boost and...


5 stars

Fort Pierce w


Clean air, most definitely!!!!

I have four different ones in my home . I just love each one of them . They do work beautiful in the home and make a great difference in your home.

Jack, M.

5 stars




We ordered two units, Air Pro for main living area and Air Mini+ for our bedroom. *Our home is much cleaner with little to no dust. * Mental Wellness improved knowing our home air quality is safe and improved. * We sleep better, less: congestion, nose...

Loryn R.

5 stars

Oshkosh, WI


Love it

It has helped my allergies immensely.

Tony W

5 stars

Thousand Oaks CA


Quiet and Clean

I give the Molekule product a 5-Star Rating because it works great and is so quiet you don't even know its there. I could smell the difference in the air in less than an hour after turning it on. I like the auto filter refills because its one less thing...

Dominique BB

5 stars

San Francisco, CA


Very efficient Customer Service and technology

Have Minis, Pros and They are all very effective. Sadly tested by the fires, delayed constructions etc..highly recommend them

Jeff R.

5 stars

Houston, TX


Clean Air!

Well engineered air purifier. Works Well!