Meet Air Pro. Destroy pollutants in large rooms.

Meet Air Pro. Destroy pollutants in large rooms.

Air Pro PECO-Filter

Average use 6 months | Free shipping


Triple airflow

3x airflow of Molekule’s award-winning home air purifiers for high-traffic spaces & high-needs users.

PECO destruction

Patented PECO technology destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens & chemicals in the air.

Proven by science

Refined over 25 years of R&D, validated by independent testing & university research labs.

Expansive coverage

Built to handle huge spaces & open floor plans, each Air Pro purifier helps protect up to 92.9 m² (1000 sq. ft.)

Pollutants don’t take the day off, so help protect your home with a professional-grade air purifier that works around the clock.

Every day, businesses trust Molekule to help protect indoor air for their customers and employees.

With Air Pro, you’ll equip your home with a device designed to help clean the air in a wide range of industries.

Molekule destroys the widest range of pollutants including viruses & chemicals.

  • SARS-CoV-2
    (Covid-19 virus)
  • RNA viruses
    throughout nature
  • DNA viruses
    throughout nature
  • Pollen
    windows, doors, carpets
  • Black mold
    window frames, inside pillows
  • Bacterial spores
    spoiled food, bathrooms, kitchens
  • Burnt food smell
  • Citrus-scented cleaners
  • Dust mite allergens
    mattresses, blankets, pillows
  • Detergent
  • Cockroach allergens
    trash cans, cupboards, cabinets
  • Nail polish remover
    (Ethyl acetate)
  • Pet dander
    carpets, floors
  • Varnish off-gassing
  • Staphylococcus
    skin, mucous membranes, soil
  • Tobacco smoke
  • and more...

The need for PECO’s pollutant destruction in the home has never been greater.

Air Pro features Molekule’s patented PECO technology, developed over the last two decades, and ready to tackle today’s indoor air crisis.

PECO destroys the widest range of pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and chemicals.

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The path to clean air

Proven science backed by independent labs

Proven science backed by independent labs

Enhanced protection

Enjoy 24/7 protection, particle sensing & two automatic modes.

Intuitive control

Tap and swipe through a suite of helpful features and information.

Elevated design

Experience an air purifier designed with modern aesthetics in mind. 

Expansive coverage for the home or workplace

Expansive coverage for the home or workplace

Each Air Pro purifier helps protect your home with enough pollutant-destroying power for extra large rooms up to 92.9 m² (1000 sq. ft.)

With triple the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices, Air Pro is built to take on large rooms and open floor plans.

Air Pro gets to work destroying pollutants and creating clean air as soon as you plug it in.

Automatic modes for how life flows

Automatic modes for how life flows

Two Auto Protect modes auto-adjust the airflow for particle protection at noise levels right for day or night.

Auto Protect: Standard engages the highest fan speed when you need the most protection.

Auto Protect: Quiet automatically regulates fan speed for more evening-appropriate noise levels.

Intuitive control

Intuitive control

On the touchscreen or the app, swipe & tap to see device info, filter status, or air particle levels.

Know whether your air particle levels are good, moderate, bad, or very bad. Swipe and tap to select the manual fan speed or Auto Protect mode you need.

Swipe again to see your filter health and device info. Or do it all right on your phone with the app.

Elevated design

Elevated design

From the vegan-leather handle and outlet engineered to maximize clean air delivery, to a wider air intake for capturing pollutants, Air Pro is designed for modern needs.

The vegan-leather handle offers supple comfort and simple portability. The hidden cable management system in the base hides extra cord.

The particle sensor nestles discreetly into the base, while the anodized aluminum body creates a polished presence in any office, clinic, or business.

Air Pro tech specs

Room size coverage

Up to 93 m² (1000 sq. ft.) with avg. 8-ft. ceilings

US FDA clearance

510(k) Class II medical device (#K211194)


Vegan leather


Multi-layer PECO-Filter

Power consumption

Lowest speed — 61 W/h | Highest speed — 153 W/h

(3-prong power plug)

Sound levels

Lowest speed — 33 dBa    Highest speed — 64 dBa

App enabled

iOS & Android

WiFi enabled

2.4 GHz

Cord length

180 cm (70.87 in.)


58.6 cm (23.9 in.) high

27.8 cm (10.9 in.) wide


10.38 kg (22.9 lbs)


2-year limited warranty